A “Get Well Soon” Card for U.S. Healthcare

So my wife showed up for a doctor’s appointment last week, part of a short series of treatments by a pain specialist, and she was turned away because our health insurance company hadn’t paid for the previous treatments. We owed $3,000.


We called the insurance company, and they said they’d need further details from the doctor before they could release payment. We called the doctor’s office, but he had gone on vacation and no one else on staff would be able to satisfy the insurance company. So we waited a week.

Yesterday, knowing the doctor was back, and facing the prospect of having another appointment canceled, my wife called him again and was shunted immediately to the facility’s billing office. They said even more bills had been returned unpaid by the insurance company, to the tune of $7,000.

Until this was taken care of, they said, our entire family would be refused any further treatment of any sort.
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