Poking Monsters with a Stick

Luke Robinson - Lucid Dreamer

Having bested all the Elder Sign: Omens beasties first with a full party of four (see the review post), and then again with Jenny Barnes alone, and then again with little Wendy Adams alone, I’m now working my way through them with just Luke Robinson, the “Lucid Dreamer.”


Elder Sign: Omens – Review

Elder Sign: Omens - Android screen shot

Elder Sign: Omens – Android Apps on Google Play.

w00t! I just beat Ithaqua using Jenny Barnes alone, and scored 6,920 points to boot! This completes my self-appointed “Jenny Barnes Alone Against the Mythos” adventure series—not exactly a recommended play style, though enjoyable. (You’re better off with a complete cast of four adventurers, of course.)

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

If you’re not familiar with Fantasy Flight’s Elder Sign: Omens app, here’s a quick overview. The app is based on the Elder Sign board game of Lovecraftian horror, which involves bunches of cards (characters, mythos monsters, locations, items, allies, and such), nine specialty dice (with symbols for investigation—1-, 2-, 3-, and in some cases 4-point—lore, peril, and terror, with one special “wild card” symbol), and a couple zillion counters for health, sanity, clues, characters (to mark their location), and secondary monsters. Oh, and a snap-together clock face with plastic hands you move to keep track of time, because something bad usually happens at midnight.
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