Final Invasion Booster Illo

Brad has finished the final illustration for the Invasion of the Saucer People‘s one-and-only booster deck, due to be released in July. This illo is based on the girl who used to live next door when I was a teenager:

Luna Navigator Moira

In the game, she is Luna Navigator Moira. Her special ability is “Lunar Ambush: Once per game, multiply two players’ defense cards of the same suit.”

Penultimate Invasion Booster Card

Pictured below is the next-to-last illustration for the upcoming Invasion of the Saucer People Booster Deck.

Ceres Engineer Elijah

This is Ceres Engineer Elijah. His special ability is “Space Walk: Once per game, swap any player’s played Malfunction card with any attack card.”

Invasion Bonus Cards – Nearing Completion

Bradley K. McDevitt recently completed two of the last illustrations for Popcorn Press‘s upcoming Invasion of the Saucer People bonus deck. Here they are, with their powers in the game.

Ceres Navigator
Navigator Jere, Ceres: Tracking: Once per game, change your suit to match the suit of any attacking card.

Luna Engineer Engineer
Engineer Elaina, Luna: Deep-Space Communication: Once per game, give another player one card from your hand. That player gives you one card in return.


Just two illustrations left to go!

The Invasion Has Come!

invasionInvasion of the Saucer People decks arrived today, as shown in a hazy phone photo here.

The small box on top is booster cards, with one pack of Commander Cristian cards included for those who ordered autographed ones from my grandson. The big box on the bottom is all shrink-wrapped decks.

Time to get busy collecting addresses and shipping packages!