And Done!

The ever-speedy Len Peralta has concluded his Monster Con card game illustrations. Below, you’ll find everyone’s favorite Bride, the Ghost from Room 13, the Phantom of the Opera, and the Undertaker, then the “Ghost” Guest of Honor (Philip K. Dick) and the Fan Guest of Honor. (As usual, click for a closer view.) The project is now with Popcorn Press‘s graphic design department for layout.

Son of Monster Con monsters

Son of Monster Con GOHs

One of the Coolest Things . . .

One of the coolest things about returning to game design this year—besides the excuse to play more games—has been all the fun art decorating my Web site.

Speaking of which, Len has turned over several more finished pieces for the Monster Con line.

First, two versions of the starlet and her boyfriend. Then two versions of the “Sleeping in the Movie Room” card and trophy illos for the Ralph Faraday Memorial Costume Contest. As usual, click them to see larger versions.

Starlet and Boyfriend Variations

Movies and Trophies

Cthulhu Pack Illustrations

I’m delighted to present Len’s illustrations for the soon-to-be-released Monster Con: Cthulhu Pack card game! Here are the Cthulhu Cultist, Innsmouth Cousin, Nyarlathotep, and Pickman’s Apprentice. Below them, you’ll find an Elder Sign (H. P. Lovecraft’s original design) and the dread Necronomicon, each of which plays a special role in this deck. As usual, you can click the images to view a larger version. More Monster Con series illos coming soon!
Cthulhu Pack Creatures
Cthulhu Pack Items

Call Out the Guards!

Two more illustrations from Len for the Monster Con card games. This time around, the convention guards. Starlet and boyfriend coming soon.

Convention Guards