Wolf Man’s Curse! in Print

Wolf Man's Curse! card back

The Wolf Man’s Curse! card game is now available as a printed deck at DriveThruCards.com. Or you can get it as a downloadable PDF, with bridge-sized cards for printing on pre-perforated name-card stock.

I’ve been using Avery #5390 stock in Ultra Pro Deck Protectors for demo decks—until my print decks arrived today, that is. 😉


Cards for Wolf Man’s Curse

While Len Peralta‘s been busy drawing for the Monster Con card game series (see previous posts), our very own Kate Smith has been assembling cards for the upcoming Wolf Man’s Curse release. Here are four examples from the Moon Deck. (As usual, click for a bigger view.)
sample Wolf Man's Curse cards
I’ll be playing the game with print-and-play cards at Gaming Hoopla in Janesville, WI, this weekend. My buddies Tom Wham, James Ward, and Matt Forbeck are guests of honor, among others. Hope to see you there!

More Victims – Wolf Man’s Curse

Brad’s closing in on the end of his Wolf Man’s Curse illustrations. Here are two more victims, the Merchant and the Banker:

Middle-Aged MerchantOld Banker

And here is the card that ends the game—maybe a victim, maybe not. Either Your Fiancée kills you with a Silver Bullet, or you kill her.

Your Fiancée

Dying in Wolf Man’s Curse

WC-FullMoon Icon-F-BKM-CMYK_loProfessional production of my Wolf Man’s Curse card game is proceeding well. Brad McDevitt has begun turning over illustrations, and Popcorn Press‘s graphic designer is fine-tuning the print process.

If you’re not familiar with it, Wolf Man’s Curse is “A tragic lycanthropy game for 3-8 players.”

Per the rules intro: Victorian England is a great place to live—if you’re wealthy, and if you’re not a werewolf. Unfortunately your own family estate has been tapped out, and you’ve been bitten by a wolf with a gypsy curse. Can you restore your family fortune without slaughtering the local peasantry? Or will you be killed by a vengeful mob or hanged by Scotland Yard? There’s one additional way of dying: being shot with a silver bullet by your fiancée.

WC-Torchand Pitchfork-F-BKM-lo       WC-BobbyHelmet_and_Nightstick_Icon-F-BKM-lo SilverBullet

If you survive, and don’t slaughter too many innocents, the richest werewolf wins.

WC-Blood-SK-BKM-V2 WC-British Pound-F-BKM-lo

Images by Bradley K. McDevitt